Live Scan Fingerprinting Appointment

Here at Intelligents ETV we take our applicants & guests safety very seriously. During the COVID 19 pandemic we will be requiring all customers to wear face masks in accordance with the Illinois state order. In addition we would prefer that all applicants and guests make an appointment prior to visiting the office. You can schedule your livescan fingerprint appointment here.

2555 Lincoln Hwy Suite 203 | Olympia Fields, IL 60461
Ph: 708-534-3994

Agencies & Industries Served

Access & Review Criminal History
Bank Charter (Management Staff)
Cannabis (Adult & Medical Use)
Carnival & Amusement Employees
Concealed Carry
Dept of Children & Family Services
Dept of Human Services
Executive Clemency Candidates
Explosive License
Humane Euthanasia
Illinois Dept of Fin & Prof. Regulation
Liquor License Applicant
Local Government Employees
Massage Therapists
Medical Marijuana
Medical School Matriculants
Mental Health Applicant
Military/National Guard Background Checks
Park Districts
Pawn Brokers
Private Security/Locksmiths/PERC Card
Public Adjuster Licensee
Public Housing Applicant 
Pyrotechnic Distributor
Real Estate Appraisers
Public/Private School Employees
State Employees
Vehicle Services